Our Mission

Our group exists to provide a safe and welcoming space to anyone who identifies as a woman and who has experienced trauma. We believe that connection to others who can help to hold your story is a critical part of the healing process. 

The Details 

Our group is:

  • Free: Like everything at the Women's Center!
  • Open: You are welcome to attend as often or rarely as you'd like. There is no intake/screening process. 
  • Peer-facilitated: Our leaders are not clinical mental health professionals, and our group focuses on support and community-building rather than on the structured goals that drive group therapy. 
  • Weekly: We meet every Thursday night at the Cambridge Women's Center from 6:30-7:30 PM

What to Expect 

Attendance: Although the group fluctuates from week to week, we typically have between 6-12 women at any given meeting. The group is open to women of all ages, and the majority of members are between 21-55. The group is open to women who have been (or are currently going) through any kind of trauma, and the most common traumas that come up within the group are childhood abuse and domestic violence. 

Structure: 3 weeks of the month, we focus our conversation around a specific topic that is emailed out to the group in advance. Examples of past topics include shame, anger, and body image. The fourth week of the month is left as an open group, where members are encouraged to bring any topics that have been on their minds to the table. You can find upcoming topics on the group calendar.